Finally, our first joint post as co-bloggers! And what better product to start off with than the much-coveted, much-raved-about Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex - Photo courtesy of EsteeLauder.com

According to our friends at Estee Lauder, this product is a:

… comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum-inspired by groundbreaking DNA research-brings your skin a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging.

Read on to find out more about Advanced Night Repair and what domncroxd and ksuan had to say about this product!

The site also explains all the factors that make this product work:

Exclusive Chronolux™ Technology

  • Repairs the appearance of past damage.
  • Addresses damaging effects before they become permanent.
  • You’ll see a visible improvement in the signs of aging-specifically lines, uneven skintone and immediate hydration.

Enhanced Environmental Repair

  • Neutralizes up to 90%* of environmentally generated free radicals before they can affect skin’s appearance.
  • That’s key, because environmental assaults such as UV, smoke, pollution and even emotional stress are the #1 cause of premature signs of aging.
  • Our advanced technology repairs the appearance of damage caused by every major environmental assault.

Continuous Hydration

  • Creates the optimal environment for repair with nature’s long-proven moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Clinical tests prove skin’s levels of moisturization increase dramatically.
  • Soothes daily irritation and builds a rich anti-oxidant reserve to help replenish skin’s natural protectants.
  • Think of it as “insurance” for younger, healthier-looking skin, today and tomorrow.

This is how it fared in our books:

domncroxd says:

I started using this after my mother recommended it to me. At first I thought, “Would I really need it?” Now though, I understand better the advantages of starting anti-ageing skincare in my 20s. Today, we’re constantly battling conditions that ravage our skin, from mere air-conditioning (can be very dehydrating to skin), sun (UV rays!), humidity, and pollution.

I’ve been using this product for months and I started with the old formula. The new formula promises to be better and I’m glad to say that I’m not disappointed. Here are some of the benefits of using the Advanced Night Repair serum:

  • More even skintone
  • I have the beginnings of a deep smile line. No issues with that, but the serum has helped to minimize it slightly
  • Fewer breakouts
  • Better moisturizing for my skin
  • I use this at night and usually wait about 5 minutes for it to sink into my skin before putting on my moisturizer. Around 4-5 drops will do for the whole face and neck. It’s a light brown serum, easily absorbed and smooth. I normally drop it on my palm and use my fingers to massage it in lightly. With serums though, it is advisable to wait a few minutes for the serum to absorb into the skin, and put it almost straightaway after your toner to help it absorb better.

    I’m truly happy with this product and this will remain in my arsenal for a very, very long time. It’s suitable for all skin types, but do remember that your skin should feel comfortable with the products you’re using. Don’t force yourself to get anything that your skin doesn’t agree with, no matter what the label on the product says : ).

    ksuan says:

    After domncroxd started using this product, she raved about it and suggested that I head down to my nearest Estee Lauder counter and ask for a sample – so I did. The ladies at Estee Lauder’s KLCC counter were very professional and charming, took down my details, and gave me a tiny container of Advanced Night Repair to take home and try out for a few days. I was quite eager to give this product a go after reading up on what it claimed to do, so that night I went home, applied some to my face after cleansing and before going to bed.

    Initially, I really liked the feel of it on my skin – it was very light and unlike a plethora of other serums, it wasn’t sticky (stickiness is one of this oily-skinned girl’s ultimate pet peeves in any product, ever)! It also absorbed at lightning speed (again, unlike other serums that sit on the skin’s surface for a while before the skin soaks it up). I went to bed a happy girl and anticipating similarly happy skin the next morning.

    Unfortunately, I woke up and found my skin tight and a little bit dry. Upon closer inspection before my friend the mirror, I noticed I looked rather blotchy and my skin was flaking around my T-zone and chin areas. It took a day or two of routine cleansing, toning and moisturising and some Clinique Turnaround Concentrate in the evenings to get my skin back to its regular state.

    Pour conclure, I was a little bit disappointed with Advanced Night Repair, and I really hoped I wouldn’t be! However, I firmly believe that skin-to-product compatibility cannot be generalised – even though domncroxd and I have similar skin types, this product clearly agreed with her much more than it did with me. If it worked for domncroxd, I am certain that it will work for many more of you ladies out there, and there’s only one way to find out if it does! Be sure to head down to your nearest Estee Lauder counter and request a sample for yourselves!

    Note: The Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex retails at RM210 for 30ml and RM290 for 50ml.


    7 thoughts on “Joint Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

      • Hi foongjin,

        The serum retails at RM210 for 30ml and RM290 for 50ml – not cheap, but if it works for your skin, it’d be a great investment! Hope that helps.

        Thanks for visiting, and do feel free to spread the word to your girlfriends 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product.

      I purchased Idealist and got a sample of the Advanced Night Repair serum. Have been using them for about a month and I can already tell the difference in my complexion.

      Hopefully I will not be disappointed with the long-term results.

      • Hi Joey,

        Thanks for coming by! You’re most welcome, we’re really happy to write about our experiences and even happier that you’re enjoying the read.

        Keep us posted on how Idealist works for you – we’re interested to see what the long-term results are like. What skin type do you have?

        – ksuan

        • Hi ksuan,

          According to the facial theraphist, I have very dry skin. Due to that, my skin is producing extra oils to keep them hydrated. Right now I am trying to work on the dryness, so my skin will eventually be less oily.

          Will surely do a proper review on how Idealist works for me (in about 1-2 months’ time).

      • Hi Joey, thanks for dropping by : ). The Estee Lauder SAs have also advised me to use Advanced first before Idealist, if you’re using both serums at the same time.

        • Hi domncroxd,
          Yes, I have been told about layering both serums and I am doing just (only in the night) that for maximum results.
          Am real excited to see what these can do for my skin.
          Cheers and see you around!!

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