It’s getting mad crazy as we approach the middle of the year. Everywhere I turn, I see S-A-L-E! Right now it’s The Body Shop Annual Sale and prices are slashed up to 70%.

The Body Shop Annual Sale - Mad crazy rush of people! Photo: Author's Own

Click on for details and to see what I got during this sale!

To be honest, right now I have an arsenal of things to try and review, so I only bought one item that I’ve been coveting for a long time. Also, please note that some of the items sold were manufactured in 2008. Personally, I prefer fresh batches because:

  1. Components may separate
  2. They may also turn toxic
  3. May have oxidized over two years, especially if you’re not sure how many people have opened it up to see.

On a plus note, sales are really good – from 10% all the way to 70%! The product I got was Vitamin C Skin Boost and I chose the latest bottle I could find, manufactured November last year.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost - Photo Courtesy of TheBodyShop-USA.com

RRP: RM85.00, after 20%, RM68.00. At 30ml, I think it definitely doesn’t fall into the ‘Budget’ category, but I’m trying this out in hopes that I can probably use this as a day serum in place of my Clinique Turnaround (RM1XX for 30ml). The properties are definitely different between both serums, but it’s always nice to try something new. The Skin Boost pumps out in a clear gel and 1 pump is enough for the whole face.

A quick Google search showed that it used to be RM79.00 for 30ml around two years ago (thanks to ParisB‘s blog).  I haven’t used it yet as I just bought it today, but look out for my review on this next! Reason for buying this? Apparently its antioxidant qualities are superb as they’ve managed to stabilize the Vitamin C components, thus giving younger-looking skin. As most of you know, Vitamin C is notoriously hard to stabilize and its antioxidant properties often ‘oxidize’ (haha, I couldn’t resist). So let’s see how I go the next time I try this.

If you’re a Body Shop member, you’ll enjoy an additional 10% on top of the discounted items from 21-23 May. The sale itself starts on 21 May and ends 13 June 2010.

On a side note: Hop on over to SkinDeco.net for some exciting giveaways! Blog owner Connie is giving away three items, and for the blog giveaway, you stand a chance to win a full-sized Stila Lip Glaze and a mini Stila Convertible Color.

Stila Giveaway from SkinDeco.Net - Photo Courtesy of SkinDeco.net

Happy shopping!


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