Beauty comes with a price and risk, and sometimes it’s not at the price or risk we’re willing to swallow. We can all count the number of times we purchased a full-sized pack of promises, only to have skin irritation and regret to have spent that amount of money. Even if it’s RM20 for me, I would be slightly annoyed because the RM20 can definitely get me other things worth trying out.

So here we are: I received this in my email this morning and thought to share it with all of you.  Clinique is giving out samples of their Anti-Blemish Solutions range from now until 10th June 2010. I’m not sure what skin type is suitable for this, as I’ve approached Clinique’s counter before to ask about this.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions - Photo Courtesy of Insidelux.com

Just a note: I am an avid Clinique 3-step user and I was told that the Anti-Blemish Solutions range was not for me as I did not have many blemishes. So point to consider, ladies: If you think you’ve got heaps of blemishes and you quickly reach out for the tube that says “Anti-Blemish”, you may want to reconsider. Perhaps your blemishes aren’t really blemishes – maybe they’re just tiny, occasional zits that need a quick zap of Retin-A. Perhaps your skintone is uneven and blotchy – again, I’ve had friends who call those ‘blemishes’ and quickly bought anti-blemish treatments only to find that it made them break out.

Click on Clinique Malaysia to redeem your sample. All you need to do is click ‘Sign Up and Redeem Your Sample’ on the upper right hand corner. Upon signing-up (it takes less than a minute), you’ll get a mobile voucher to flash at a selected Clinique counter of your choice. Only one SMS per IC and mobile number, and upon collection, the Clinique consultants will usually delete your SMS (I’m usually quite quick to get samples because it’s the surest way for me to try something out without regrets : ). It kinda shows you how many times I’ve gone to Clinique for samples as well).

Note: I went to collect the samples today at Isetan KLCC. My skin type is not suitable for this range as I don’t have as many blemishes, but the consultant was kind enough to hand me sachet samples for the 3-step skincare.

There’s also another roadshow featuring Clinique’s Long Last Lipsticks:

Clinique's Passport to Pretty Event with Lipstick Samples - Photo From Clinique eNewsletter

So if you’re around those 4 locations, drop on down to get your samples!

Disclaimer: This is not an advert. Just wanted to spread the love of samples – grab as many as they’ll allow you to!


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