I have a confession to make: I love scents. In fact, I love them so much that my friends (only semi-jokingly) say that if they let me loose in a department store’s perfume section, I forget that the rest of the world exists.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom - Photo courtesy of Google Images

Recently, I received an early birthday present in the form of Calvin Klein’s Euphoria Blossom. I was thrilled as this is a scent that I’ve been desperately wanting (but never had an excuse to buy because I still have a couple of other perfumes that remain unfinished) since the day I discovered it.

Read on to find out why!

According to PerfumeConnection.com.au, this is what Euphoria Blossom is all about:

This sunny, summer concoction features a number of Asian inspired ingredients that give this fragrance its fresh and sparkling character. The top notes of kumquat, dewy green accord and pomegranate make for a sweet yet airy start to the scent, and heart notes of orchid blossom, lotus blossom and pink peony petals add a delicate girly touch. Base notes of blond wood, white amber and musk keep the whole fragrance luminous and not too heavy, yet still sexy and fantastic fun to wear.

This is definitely a sunny and summery perfume – the first time I smelled it, I felt light, happy and relaxed. The kumquat in the top note is particularly distinguishable, and it’s a nice way to start off the scent – with a fresh and citrusy zing. The deeply floral heart note is also rather gorgeous without being sickly sweet or overwhelming, as many other floral scents have a tendency to be. The slightly muskier, woodier base sits on the skin nicely too – it’s not too heavy, and the muskiness lingers softly.

I think this perfume is incredibly versatile: it’s what I like to call a Take Me Seriously perfume, i.e. you can wear it to work and not give off this cutesy aura thanks to your scent. It’s subtle and feminine while being dignified and elegant. It also works really well in a casual setting thanks to the floral heart note, and is great for evenings thanks to the musky base note. Some may think it’s too “mature” a scent for their tastes upon first sniff, but it goes on quite light and fresh.

Unfortunately, many CK perfumes have a reputation for not lasting for ages – and Euphoria Blossom is no exception to that general rule. It lasts about two to three hours in a mildly air-conditioned environment, even less if you are ducking in and out of the heat and humidity – but the more time you spend in a consistently cool and dry environment, the longer the scent lingers.

Pour conclure, Euphoria Blossom has a permanent spot on my favourite scents list (others include Hugo XY and Burberry Brit Sheer, to be reviewed in the future). It’s just a beautiful, versatile, elegant scent that I know I will continue purchasing as long as CK keeps making it! I hope you ladies reading are inspired to go check it out yourselves too.


3 thoughts on “Review: Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom

  1. cool review. i was going to get this until i found sarah jessica parker’s lovely perfume. do you know any perfumes that would last for a very long timee… 3 hours just doesnt cut it.

    • Hey Cheryl!

      Oh yes, celebrity perfumes can be a bit dodgy, but I’m quite fond of SJP’s collection. Britney Spears’, on the other hand…

      Anyway! Perfumes that last a longer time are generally eau de parfums, which are oil-based and heavier than the regular eau de toilettes, which are water-based. Problem with EDPs is that they are extremely strong, sometimes overpowering, when first applied, and it takes longer for the notes to really show and settle on your skin because the oil base sits on the skin surface for longer. EDTs on the other hand settle quite nicely and blend in with your skin and natural scent fast, but they don’t last as long as their water base causes quicker evaporation.

      In the end I guess it’s what you’re looking for – let me know what you like better!

      – ksuan

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