How many of you have watched this stunning, ephemeral ad, featuring the divine Vanessa Paradis (French singer-songwriter and lucky life partner to Johnny Depp) and gone “Oh my goodness, Rouge Coco, je l’adore!”?

Vanessa Paradis for Chanel's Rouge Coco lipsticks

I know I did. It was all I could do not to squeal when I saw that Rouge Coco had arrived in Malaysia in full force. I think its biggest allure lies in its stunning colour range, which covers four categories: beiges, pinks, reds and browns.

Chanel's Rouge Coco Lipstick - Photo courtesy of Chanel.com

The beige range is small, but exudes class. I loved the shade called Perle, which is an elegant, natural rosy-beige colour with slight sheen. I also found that my two favourite shades in the pink range were undoubtedly Mademoiselle, the colour that Ms Paradis is wearing in her ad, and the duskier, peachier Ruban Rose. The red range is rich, beautiful  and fiery but not for me, as I am still recovering from my fear of bright lip colours, and the brown range would probably suit other skintones, definitely not mine.

Texturally, Rouge Coco is creamy and lush, with a strong hydrating quality. The colour glides on nicely (at least from all the swatching I was doing on the back of my hand!) and I liked that it didn’t feel thick and weighty.

Their packaging, as always, is classic, with the Chanel logo contrasting rather beautifully against the glossy black exterior. One of the most beautiful things about Chanel packaging in general, I find, is its simplicity, practicality and subtlety. There is a reason that Chanel is still perceived, by and large, as the brand name that embodies old-school sensuality and femininity with class and elegance.

Pour conclure, I think I will be hankering for my very own Rouge Coco for a while. At RM95 apiece, Rouge Coco falls firmly at the far end of the lipstick price normal curve, but I’m going to save up for one. I wouldn’t be able to do a proper review about it otherwise now, would I?


6 thoughts on “Coveted: Chanel’s Rouge Coco Lipsticks

  1. hey suan,
    have you ever tried la mer moisturizing cream. apparently its the most expensive in the world. a friend of mine uses it and claims it works really well but she’s always had great skin even b4 using it.. so im skeptical haha. the reviews ive seen around arent exactly very convincing either. its a lil steep pricewise to review but it’ll be great to see how effective it’ll b on asian skin and in our weather actually.

    btw i guess i can come to you for cosmetics recommendation from now on!

    • Hey Cheryl!

      Long time no see 🙂 How’s archi treating you? No I have never tried La Mer – too broke for one, and I’m perfectly content with Clinique for two – but you’ve piqued my interest now.

      And this is just a little side project for a friend and I to gush and giggle, revel in the female in us 😉 Thanks for swinging by and hope you keep dropping in!


      • archi is still archi and our relationship is still a love-hate one. haha

        yes do keep a lookout for free samples. apparently they’ve done road shows in msia b4 and gave out small packets. i want to try whats so good about this miracle cream too!

        i have to say.. great site and reviews! i’ll def be here pretty often haha.

        • Thanks Cheryl!

          Am definitely on the lookout for free samples. Especially for those products that cost an arm and a leg (and probably a few internal organs)!

          And thanks for visiting, really happy to have you. Feel free to spread the word 😉

          – ksuan

  2. Hey ladies, cute site you have here!

    Was just reading the first line “Oh my goodness, Rouge Coco, je l’adore!”?

    Please excuse my limited French vocab, but does that translate to “I the adore”? I wonder if it is supposed to be “j’adore”?

    I can vouch for Chanel’s lipsticks as they are indeed of a very good quality and are long lasting. I personally love their foundation as well, I am dedicated to the matt lumiere foundation, but only over a good primer.

    Keep up the good work!

    xo, Lena

    • Hey Lena!

      Good to see you came by, thanks for that! Je l’adore translates to “I adore it” – reflexively 🙂

      Thanks for the foundation suggestion, have never really looked at Chanel foundation. Also, what primer do you use?


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